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A Norman globetrotter whose destiny led him to settle at the other end of the world, Vincent fell in love with Valparaiso, a small piece of Chile with a thousand colours. His enthusiasm and passion for the region will make you want to join him in his paradise.

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About Vincent

With a view to becoming a guide, I took the BTS Tourism Animation and Local Tourist Management course in 2000. Once graduated, in 2002, after obtaining the regional guide card, I took my first steps as a guide on my beaches, those of the D-Day landing, in Normandy, where I am originally from.

And what a first experience! I spent 4 seasons there during which I went on day trips with groups of 8 people to discover these world famous beaches called Omaha Beach, Gold Beach and Sword. These 4 years confirmed my choice to make a career out of it. Curious by nature, passionate about the History and above all enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge!

Unable to stay put, I left for New Zealand in 2008, without knowing that this adventure at the other end of the world would lead me here, to Chile...

After more than 7 years in Chile, I am now a permanent resident, father of a little Simon, Franco-Chilean because of his mother I met during my trip to New Zealand.

I now have the opportunity and the chance to work as a guide in Valparaiso, a coastal city located some 100km from Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is with the same enthusiasm that I share my knowledge of the Valparaiso region, in French, English or Spanish. Thanks to, I have the opportunity to make you discover Valparaiso and Chile, my adopted country.

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