Nairobi - Kenya

Half French and half English by heritage, Claire is fully Nairobian by choice, as she now lives in Kenya where she feels at home.

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About Claire

Before moving to Kenya, Claire lived and worked in six countries. She has always sought and found adventure wherever she has gone: exploring the labyrinthine network of catacombs in Paris, the headquarters of artistic and alternative movements, discovering the Mexican coastline from the back of a pick-up truck, chasing alligators in Tanzania or discovering the natural wonders of Kenya through adventure trails...

The link between all these adventures: meeting new people and cultures, sharing experience, and committing for a world more open and closer to nature. Claire is also involved in the world of non-profit organizations (disability, youth empowerment and energy access) and start-ups with extensive professional experience in fundraising, monitoring, evaluation, business development and communication around these projects.

Join her on her adventures in Kenya to discover the magic of the heart of Africa.

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