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Sarah is a passionate tour guide who specialises in the culture, literature, history and nature of Northwest UK and Wales. She designs custom tours that offer intimate insights into the region. She holds a degree in English and shares her knowledge of the area's, poetry, stories, landscapes and communities.

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About Sarah

Meet your guide, Sarah, an enthusiastic connoisseur of culture and literature in Northwest England and Wales. With over 15 years of experience, Sarah is eager to share her deep knowledge of the art, literature, history and natural surroundings of this region.

Sarah holds a degree in English. Her passion for the area's cultural heritage shines through as she introduces you to historic buildings, romantic poet Dylan Thomas's boathouse, William Wordsworth's School, Beatrix Potter's Hill Top farm, and the stunning landscapes surrounding the area. An avid reader, Sarah also brings stories and poems from renowned and local authors to life at the very places that inspired them.

With a spirit of exploration and adventure, Sarah designs each custom tour to give you an intimate glimpse into the heartbeat of local culture and community. A day with Sarah awakens all your senses to the rich and layered cultural identity of Northwest UK. Her infectious enthusiasm and profound connection to this land will leave you with memories and insights to last a lifetime.

Discover the hidden gems of the region with a knowledgeable, personable guide. Experience Wales and Northwest England through the eyes of an insider with Sarah. Her small group tours are perfect for the curious traveller seeking an authentic connection to place and people.

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