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Unveil Umbria's secrets with Patrizia's expert guidance! Join her for a captivating tour filled with surprises, history, and cultural treasures.

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About Patrizia

Patrizia is a passionate archaeologist turned full-time tour guide based in Umbria, Italy, also known as the Green Heart of Italy. Patrizia's love for history, languages, and meeting people from all over the world has led her to a fulfilling career as a professional tour guide.

Patrizia's deep connection with Italy has fueled her curiosity about its rich history, culture, and hidden treasures. She takes pride in showcasing Umbria's capital, Perugia, which may not be as famous as other Italian cities, but never fails to amaze visitors with its intriguing stories and breathtaking views.

Patrizia's tours are carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable experience for her guests. Drawing on her background in archaeology, she brings the ancient history of Umbria to life, unraveling fascinating tales of the region's past. Her extensive knowledge of languages, including fluent English and Italian, allows her to communicate effectively with visitors from different parts of the world, making them feel welcomed and engaged throughout the tour.

As a guide, Patrizia's goal is to surprise and captivate her visitors, just as she stumbled into the exciting space of guiding visitors around during her own explorations. She has had the opportunity to accompany groups throughout Europe, and she has found that being a tour guide allows her to combine her diverse interests in history, languages, and meeting people from all walks of life.

With Patrizia, visitors can expect a memorable journey through the wonders of Umbria, enriched with intriguing stories and breathtaking scenery.

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