Join Mohamed to discover his unique tours of Tunisia's historical jewels and cultural treasures. With his expertise, your journey will be unforgettable!

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About Mohamed

Mohamed Halouani is a Tunisian native who has turned his love for travel and history into an exciting and diverse career in education. With his expertise in Islamic architecture, Eastern decorative elements, archaeology, and history, he has designed and led numerous archaeological and cultural trips for various prestigious institutions, including The Detroit Institute of Art, the Textile Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History, among others.

Mohamed received his degrees in English and Spanish before completing his European Master's in linguistics and Hispanic studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris. As a lecturer on ethnographic and anthropological subjects, he brings a unique perspective to his tours, not only introducing globetrotters to the historical treasures of Tunisia but also immersing them in the country's rich culture and history.

Beyond his work in education, Mohamed is also a co-founder of the Tunisian Interprofessional Federation for Tourism and serves as President of the Cultural Tourism in Tunisia. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he is dedicated to promoting cultural tourism in Tunisia and ensuring that visitors have a meaningful and memorable experience.

Mohamed Halouani is the guide for anyone looking to explore Tunisia's past, present, and future. His passion for history and travel, combined with his linguistic skills and deep knowledge of the region, make him an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring the country's rich cultural heritage.

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