Explore Ireland's culture and hidden gems with Hazel. Céad Mile Fáilte - A hundred thousand welcomes from Ireland

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About Hazel

Hazel loves exploring and regaling people with stories and giving a glimpse into the city known for its love of cheeky rhymes and ballads. Her background is in the travel and tourism industry in Ireland, and she has juggled roles ranging from tutor to travel agent. Travelling has always been in her blood. Hazel’s grandfather was a driver-guide, and her interest in becoming a guide started almost a decade ago when she took a group of excited students on a walking tour of Dublin, captivating them with the city’s culture.

Since then, there has been no turning back. With her tours, you might find yourself mingling with the locals, who love to get involved with the tour! With a dash of surprise, Hazel loves entertaining people with fun stories and experiences.

She is the owner of Virtually Irish, Éire Trips & Photography Tours Ireland under the umbrella of HTF Travel Services Ltd, a new and exciting venture showcasing the best of what Ireland has to offer

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Join me for a walk in beautiful Derry.