We are committed to offering a sustainable access for all to culture and tourism (ESG company).

Our observation

The pandemic prevented us from traveling and deprived many tour guides of their work. It also made us realize that the possibility to travel is still limited to a minority.

Even if international travel is restricted to a happy few, a growing number of people travel abroad each year, more than 1 billion before the crisis. However, travel has very strong consequences on the environment and on public policies.

Therefore, we wanted to commit ourselves to making the wonders of the world more accessible to all: families, children, elders, disabled, people with limited resources or anyone wishing to travel while limiting the impact of tourism on the environment.

Our mission

Through TheGlobetrotters.live initiative we want to allow you to become a globetrotter, that is to say to have access to live virtual visits of beautiful places all over the world in the company of passionate and exciting guides.

Becoming a globetrotter means having access to live virtual tours of magnificent places all over the world in the company of passionate and exciting guides. No need for a passport, visa, vaccine or luggage, we take you on a delicious trip from the comfort of your home. Afraid to fly? Don't speak a foreign language? No problem! Get your computer, phone or tablet ready, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be carried away by the stories of our local guides.

Become a globetrotter to be part of a community of solidarity in which everyone contributes according to his or her pleasure and capacity : our tours operate on the principle of Pay What You Want. Because travel remains an expensive leisure activity, many people are excluded from it. Voluntary and collaborative payments, by pooling efforts and contributions, allow everyone to enjoy wonderful trips. All you have to do is contribute as much as you like to pay the guides and allow them to continue their activity even when times are difficult, like during the pandemic.

Become a globetrotter to act for responsible and sustainable tourism. Due to mass tourism, many natural or heritage sites (Machu Picchu, Venice, Dubrovnik...) are in danger. More and more restrictions are put in place to protect them with the risks to remain accessible to a minority. With TheGlobetrotters.live we do not pretend to substitute virtual trips to real ones. However, we can make sure that these sites remain accessible to as many people as possible and help reduce the environmental footprint of mass tourism.

Become a globetrotter to open up to different cultures and ways of life. We accept more easily what we know and what we understand. Therefore, it is important to offer the possibility to open up to different cultures, civilizations and ways of thinking. Our guides will, with talent, make you discover the beauties of their region, the wonders of their culture and share the subtleties of their country's history. They will open the doors to a world of cultural and natural heritage. We hope to help shape a freer, more open and tolerant world.

Finally, becoming a globetrotter is an opportunity to contribute to an initiative with social impact. In addition to having social objectives (making the world accessible to as many people as possible) and solidarity objectives (participating in the development of local guides, sharing the costs of access to culture, reducing the carbon footprint of tourism), an ESG company has a responsability in building a sustainable economy (https://www.ess-france.org/une-economie-en-mouvement in french).

Our team

Isabela: Globetrotter-specialist in digital marketing. Thanks to her, you will meet a lot of new globetrotters on the platform.

Lionel: Globetrotter-developer. He is the one who integrates the video streaming solution and structures, builds and improves the platform.

Sébastien: Globetrotter-developer. He is the one who integrates the payment solution and who participates in the construction of the platform.

Romain: Globetrotter-strategist. He takes care of the administrative part, reads and rereads the contracts, clauses and different texts.

Mathieu: Globetrotter-supervisor. He is the one who coordinates the evolution requests of the platform and manages the contacts with the guides.