Jewish Heritage Tour of Ljubljana
Ljubljana - Slovenia

Discover Ljubljana's Jewish heritage on this tour. Visit the Synagogue and the Jewish Cultural Centre, learn about the community's history and resilience.

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About the tour

Welcome to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia! Although one of the smallest European capitals, Ljubljana boasts a rich heritage that spans centuries. Today, we will explore a sometimes-forgotten part of its history: its Jewish heritage.

Jewish people had already settled in Slovenia by the Middle Ages, and they made a significant impact on the history of Venice and other cities along the Adriatic. However, they were expelled in 1515, and it wasn't until the 19th century that they returned to Slovenia. Sadly, during World War II, they were prosecuted, and many lost their lives.

Our tour will take you through Ljubljana's Jewish quarter, where you will learn about the lives of the Jewish people who once lived here. Mateja will share stories of Jewish resistance, survival, and how the community has rebuilt since those dark days.

Come and join us on this unique tour that will take you through the rich and complex history of Ljubljana's Jewish heritage. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the Jewish community, their resilience, and their enduring contribution to the culture and identity of Ljubljana.

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Živjo! Hi, my name is Mateja and I come from Slovenia.

I am an independent entrepreneur and mainly work as a tourist guide, tour manager, destination consultant and turist guide trainer.

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