Off the beaten track: in Trnovo with a local
Trnovo - Slovenia

Join Mateja on this off-the-beaten-path tour of Trnovo and uncover the hidden treasures and stories that make this district truly special.

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About the tour

Welcome to Ljubljana, a small city with a rich history and hidden gems waiting to be explored! Join Mateja on a unique tour of Trnovo, a district that was once a village and is now part of the city. Discover the fascinating stories behind this area, known as Ljubljana's Montmartre.

Our tour will take you on a journey through Trnovo's past and present, as we explore its charming corners and learn about its significance in Ljubljana's cultural heritage. Discover the origins of Ljubljana's famous salad, which hails from Trnovo, and learn about the area's history as a hub for boatsmen.

We'll also delve into the lives of notable Slovenian artists who once called Trnovo home, and learn about the district's role in shaping the local arts scene. Hear captivating stories about the area's traditions, including the unique celebration on St. Gregory's day, on March 12, known as the "birds getting married," which takes place along the stream Gradaščica.

Get ready for a unique and enriching experience that will reveal the lesser-known side of Ljubljana's history and culture.

Meet your guide


Živjo! Hi, my name is Mateja and I come from Slovenia.

I am an independent entrepreneur and mainly work as a tourist guide, tour manager, destination consultant and turist guide trainer.

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